what is the alexander technique?

A growing awareness


Twenty-first century life is very stressful: ask anyone from a schoolchild undergoing SATs to a businessman to a grandmother struggling with modern life.  We spend our time reacting to stimuli: the alarm clock, the note in the diary, the beeping of the mobile and our bodies fall into patterns of response. Over time, these patterns snap into position before we have had time to consider if they are really useful to us. Some patterns are not useful. They are putting unnecessary stresses on the body and after a day of such snap-reactions we are tense, tired and irritable.

The Alexander Technique teaches us to become aware of the patterns our bodies are falling into.   It gives us the choice to decide whether or not our pattern is useful to us or if it is inefficiently using far too much effort.

There is no trick or quick fix in the Alexander Technique, but a growing awareness that by giving ourselves time, thought and attention, we can attain greater balance and co-ordination thereby enabling us to meet anything that life happens to throw at us in a more considered way.